Forest Hills Global Elementary School
We love Denise and Granny Niece's Ice Cream truck!  We have a FUNdraiser at our school, called "Change for Change" in which students are encouraged to bring in change from home, we tell them to clean out the couches, break their piggy banks and raid their parents drawers (with permission first, of course!).  The class that brings in the most change wins either a pizza party or Granny Niece's Ice Cream truck and hands down Granny always wins!  This year we had a tie and two classes got ice cream....the amount raised was close to $950, which goes towards our PTA Green Committee recycling program.
Thanks Denise for making the 'winners' so happy!  See photos !!!!

Wilmington, NC
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Owner: Denise Kennedy

Credit and Debit cards accepted
Call to set up:
Birthday parties,
Office parties, 
End of School parties
Summer camps
Sports Team celebrations
Employee Appreciation Day
or just want me to ride through your neighborhood.

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